Champion Flour Milling Limited has the ideal business owner in Nisshin Seifun Group. Nisshin Seifun Group traverses a wide range of international, largely food-related businesses, including flour milling, processed foods, health foods, pet foods, mesh cloth, engineering and biotechnology.

In 2001, to mark the centenary of its establishment and shape its next one hundred years, Nisshin Seifun Group adopted a new group structure in which its major business units became separate, autonomous operating companies.

A key business within the Group is Nisshin Flour Milling, the largest flour miller in Japan. Nisshin Flour Milling currently mill in excess of two million metric tonnes of wheat each year, converting into over three hundred varieties of wheat flour. Like Champion, this business has been operating for over a hundred years.

Because today’s food businesses are highly competitive, fresh thinking is a must. With valuable input from Nisshin Flour Milling,

Champion is in a prime position to anticipate global trends, generate new flours and end-product ideas, and respond creatively to commercial baking challenges.

Nisshin Seifun Group’s advanced flour and nutrition research facility also complements Champion’s own New Zealand-based R&D. The result is world-class expertise and insights that Champion is delighted to share with its customers.

Such assets and insights are invaluable when it comes to introducing customers to new and exciting flour-based products and markets (on and offshore) that Champion is keen to see its customers benefit from.

With a diverse, global portfolio of products, Nisshin Seifun Group has developed the ‘Welna’ brand, to reflect its holistic principle of "contributing to a healthy and fruitful life for all". As its name suggests, products under the Welna brand umbrella can be trusted to contribute to better nutrition and a safer, healthier lifestyle.